Suicide is a complex problem that disproportionately impacts the military community. Stop Soldier Suicide is the only national nonprofit focused solely on solving the issue of suicide among U.S. veterans and service members. Our team is laser-focused on care and research that is specific to reducing veteran and service member suicide. Our vision is a nation where veterans and service members have no greater risk for suicide than any other American. We have an aggressive goal to reduce the military suicide rate by 40% no later than 2030.

Our Why

Despite decades of effort, modern veteran suicide prevention practices fall short. The rate of U.S. veteran and service member deaths by suicide continues to increase.

Our promise is this: We won’t stop until we get this right.

Those who fought and served on our behalf deserve nothing less than a life full of joy and meaning. A life free from the restless tides of anxiety, depression, isolation, and suicidal ideation.

We believe in the strength and resiliency of our nation's service members–that they can thrive during and after their service. And from that place of wellness, they can go on to create, innovate, dream, prosper, and live a life defined by hope.

Our History

U.S. Army veterans Brian Kinsella, Nick Black, and Craig Gridelli co-founded Stop Soldier Suicide in 2010.

Brian kinsella

Brian E. Kinsella
Co-founder & Chairman

Nick black

Nick Black
Co-founder & Vice Chairman

Craig gridelli

Craig Gridelli
Co-founder & Board Member

After losing friends and fellow service members to suicide, Army veterans, Brian Kinsella, Nick Black, and Craig Gridelli were determined to create a solution for their fellow veterans who were struggling. For them, military suicide isn’t just a problem. It’s personal.

It was clear that something had to be done - proactively - to get their brothers and sisters in arms the help they needed and reduce the number of service members and veterans lost to suicide.

Through their experiences, they realized that the key to preventing suicide is to identify, understand, and address the underlying issues — things like financial strain, post-traumatic stress and other mental health issues, and difficulties navigating the transition from military to civilian — BEFORE they escalate to a point of crisis.

The problem is clear: The systems in place aren’t working. Getting help isn’t as easy as it should be — and trying to navigate a complicated maze of organizations and resources can be overwhelming when you’re in crisis.

Stop Soldier Suicide was built to change that.

Our Vision

A nation where service members & veterans have no greater risk for suicide than any other American.

Our Mission

Reduce service member and veteran suicide by using enhanced data insights, focused client acquisition, and suicide-specific intervention services.

Struggling with Thoughts of Suicide?

Our ROGER wellness service provides counseling, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention–100% free for U.S. veterans and service members.

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