Shaping human behavior isn’t easy. It’s a complex, and often daunting, process.

It’s also one that requires substantial investment. There is no better example than the private sector, which spent $421 billion on advertising to influence consumer behavior in 2019 alone.

The private sector’s strategy is simple: use research to better identify the target market, use marketing to convert prospects into customers, and deliver goods and services that fill a unique need, thus optimizing client satisfaction.

Solving the military suicide epidemic requires a similar approach for individual behavioral change at scale.

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Client Discovery & Enhanced Intelligence

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Hyper-Focused Marketing

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Best-In-Class Assessment & Intervention

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Positive Change Maintenance

Strategy For Change

Client discovery methodologies and enhanced intelligence give us insight into precursor behaviors leading to military suicide.

We embrace change. We keep a laser focus on learning. We ruthlessly identify knowledge gaps and reject invalid hypotheses. This has allowed us to develop cutting-edge insights identifying high-risk veterans and service members.

Hyper-focused marketing campaigns influence high-risk prospective clients and funnel them to us for support.

We use innovative methods to understand, locate, and serve at-risk veterans and service members. We know that advanced consumer marketing strategies, the kind that can identify market demographics in the private sector, are effective in finding at-risk veterans and service members.

Once we find a prospective client, we use a multi-touch approach to “acquire” them. We’re relentless until we can bring them into the fold and surround them with support.

Best-in-class suicide risk assessment, intervention and safety planning spurs clients to become the driving force in their own safety planning and long-term wellbeing.

We provide holistic, individualized, comprehensive services proven to reduce suicide risk.

Our process isn’t driven by guesswork. We conduct loss survivor interviews, attempt survivor interviews, and high-risk client interviews. We use open-source data, data science, and digital forensics. We uncover the real truth about why some veterans are suicidal, and what we can do to change it.

Positive change maintenance helps achieve growth through self-monitored safety management, heightened empowerment, enhanced support networks, and a greater sense of purpose.

We provide ongoing safety planning, resources, action planning, life coaching, and monitoring and support. However long it takes for a client to find a pathway to a brighter future, we stand by their side.

The Path Forward

We’re convinced that this theory of change, as proven in concept and implemented at scale, is the answer to reversing the tide of military suicide plaguing our country.

We’re in a period of unprecedented demand for our services. In 2019, client requests more than quadrupled, and new clients nearly tripled.

Most importantly, our high-touch, evidence-based service yields rapid results.

In Q1 of 2020, our clients saw a 25% reduction in psychological pain, a 31% reduction in hopelessness, a 24% reduction in self-hate, and a 25% reduction in their view of their suicidality in just 30 days.

That equals a 13% decrease in overall suicide risk.

Achieving results quickly is important to us. Though we have a 10-year plan, we also have aggressive short-term initiatives.

By the end of 2021, we will have 670 fewer military suicides; we will achieve 15% of our long-term mission in just one year. Setting the conditions to save these 670 lives will allow us to replicate, expand, and scale from the bottom up.

In other words, if we can save 10, we can save 1,000. If we can save 1,000, we can save thousands more.

We will do this. By 2030, we will reduce military suicide by 40%.

It’s not a hope. It’s a promise.

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