Suicide-specific care saves lives.

What It Is:

  • Evidence-based treatment modalities with proven success in alleviating suicide-related issues, such as Chronological Assessment of Suicide Events (CASE) and Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS) which headline the best-in-class treatment modalities for reducing suicidal thoughts
  • Tools and techniques used at Stop Soldier Suicide that are clinically woven together specific to the individual in our care
  • A holistic focus looking at clients history of suicidality, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, attempts, current stressors, barriers, challenges, current suicidal ideation, current level of intent, and more

      And so much more...

      Why It's Needed

      Emergency services are the catch all. Too many mental health providers rely on local emergency services to handle suicidal patients. Many mental health services even have a clause about active ideation, requiring clients to conceal or deal with their ideation on their own before they can begin working with that provider.

      This makes suicide-specific care uncommon yet desperately needed.

      Spread The Message, Save a Life

      Suicide is a complex problem that is usually deeply personal, hard to share, and shrouded with stigma. Research indicates that military friends and family members are some of the first to know about a service member's struggle. By spreading awareness across your social networks, a veteran or active duty member you know may see our services & reach out.

      The topic of suicide can be difficult.

      Resources like ours are designed to help. If you need help talking about suicide or want to know more about our services click below.

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      Our Standard of Care

      Our core investment in elite behavioral health personnel dictates that we don’t settle for mediocrity.

      Every member of our Wellness Center team has an advanced degree in at least one area of behavioral health, and many of them are licensed mental health care providers.

      Each Wellness Coordinator goes through extensive training upon joining our team, including training:

      • Custom methodologies
      • Trauma-informed care
      • Biopsychosocial care
      • Motivational interview techniques