Amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, organizations across industries are being forced to downsize. From hospitality and travel to manufacturing and retail, businesses are trying to get small as social distancing measures wreak havoc on local and global economies.

However, at Stop Soldier Suicide, we can’t hire people fast enough.

Even before the pandemic struck, we had to slow down our digital ads to let staffing catch up with the demand for our services.

Then, the coronavirus hit.

For veterans and service members already struggling with anxiety, isolation, and depression, a deadly pandemic combined with increased financial worries and social isolation add up to a dangerous perfect storm. To add insult to injury, the VA and other nonprofits are being forced to cancel many services that require in-person contact.

We’re Ready for This

Thankfully, we’re ready for this. In our military training, we were taught to run toward gunfire, not away from it. That’s what we’re doing. We can fill the gaps left by shut-down or streamlined nonprofits through our proven virtual services. We already have reliable, secure tech in place that allows us to stay connected to our clients from home.

In 2019 we put in massive research efforts that would help us determine the root cause of the veteran suicide epidemic so that we could disrupt it. Our efforts produced a huge uptick in our Net Promotor Score, a tool that gauges customer satisfaction and predicts business growth (we reached a 94 in Q4 last year, BTW).

Most importantly, with new prevention models developed by our Scientific Advisory Council (global experts in suicide prevention and intervention), we’re seeing a marked decrease in the suicide risk…in less than 30 days. It’s quite amazing.

We Need Your Help

While everyone else, including the VA and other nonprofits, are starting to taper services, our goal is to expand. We’re going to need people who can help us lean into this situation. We need more social workers on our team. If you have the skills to join us, apply now.

Secondly, with an increased demand for services and increased anxiety and stress for existing and new clients, we will need your help. If you’re in a position to support our work and partner with us in saving lives, we need you to lean in to help us handle this surge. You can join our Veteran Lifesaver Platoon by becoming a recurring donor for as little as $10 per month. Donate now.

Chris Ford
20-year Air Force Veteran and Stop Soldier Suicide CEO

April 4, 2020