We were, unfortunately, expecting this to happen. When the COVID crisis became a full-blown pandemic, struggling service members and veterans were vulnerable.


Whether the virus played an active role in this trend or acted as a catalyst for other stressors, the correlation is there.

In April, we wrote about the “tidal wave of mental health challenges” that could start to crest in 6-9 months. Well, here we are.

Now more than ever, our promise to reduce the military suicide rate by 40% by 2030 - SSS10 - is so important. The military suicide crisis has only been accelerated by factors such as COVID. At Stop Soldier Suicide, we’re committed to reversing the trend by meeting the challenge head on, like we always do.

To join us in making this promise a reality, visit StopSoldierSuicide.org/Get-Involved for ideas on joining the fight.

September 28, 2020