Someone Struggling Might Experience

- Poor impulse control
- Using good judgment
- Regulating emotions
- Lack of self-awareness
- Understanding cause and effect
- Memorizing and retrieving information from memory
- Understanding consequences
- Struggling to communicate details in an organized, sequential manner
- Initiating activities or tasks
- Retaining information while doing something

You Can Help Someone Struggling With Trauma

Not everyone who has experienced trauma will struggle with suicidal ideation or behaviors.
- Learn their triggers
- Provide reassurance of safety if someone shares their experience
- Acknowledge they may be feeling powerless
- Focus on their strengths
- Offer space for them to share their feelings
- Above all, if someone needs help recovering, know resources like ours exist

Raise awareness with our social media toolkit about trauma & its impacts. Check out the tools and resources below to raise awareness & save lives. We've included downloadable creative assets, suggested social media posts, logos and more.

Our Standard of Care

Our core investment in elite behavioral health personnel dictates that we don’t settle for mediocrity.

Every member of our Wellness Center team has an advanced degree in at least one area of behavioral health, and many of them are licensed mental health care providers.

Each Wellness Coordinator goes through extensive training upon joining our team, including training:

  • Custom methodologies
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Biopsychosocial care
  • Motivational interview techniques

Trauma is a "neuro-developmental insult" that impacts the development of the brain as well as psychological processes.

Examples of military-related trauma can include:
- Military sexual trauma (MST)
- Exposure to death and dying
- Witnessing suicide
- Making decisions that impact the survival of others
- Exposure to blasts
- Mass casualties

Trauma isn't limited to a certain type and does impact individuals differently. These events don't have to define someone forever. Managing traumatic experiences in healthy and holistic ways can help someone navigate the tough things they have been through.