For every person who says “I care about veterans” by November 4, Pete Welles, Marine Veteran, will donate $15, up to $10,000, to connect veterans at risk of suicide with our licensed behavioral health professionals.

Will it help? Since 2010, Stop Soldier Suicide has counseled more than 3,500 veterans through their darkest moments and equipped them with the tools to move forward. To date, we have never lost an active client to suicide. It will take you only seconds to answer the call. Those seconds could save a life. Will you be a star right now?

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Be A Star

For Veterans

Our veterans are true American heroes. But each day more than 20 veterans and service members lose their lives to suicide.

We needed them to defend our freedom. Now they need us to answer the call to help them—and with Veterans Day coming up, there’s no simpler way to show your support than our Be a Star campaign.

Your gift today saves twice as many lives!