In 2022, we went upstream.

Upstream Quote

We continued to deliver our lifesaving services in 2022, yet we had a parallel focus on taking a bold step forward in the arena of suicide intelligence. This is what we call getting upstream.

We set out to utilize what we’ve learned from caring for our current and former clients, as well as never-before-known insights from Black Box Project about veterans who have died by suicide, to redefine the way we understand and act upon suicide risk.

In 2022, we saved more lives than any other year while continuing to advance forward.

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Our Model

Our suicide-specific program model was built in consultation with several of the nation’s leading suicidologists. Innovative methodologies such as CASE and CAMS headline the best-in-class care we deliver at no cost to American veterans and service members.

Our promises:
- 24/7 access with long-term support
- Services for all
- Tactical support, the way it should be
- Suicide-specific care that's never stagnant
- Cost-free

In 2022, nearly 80% of our clients rated our services mostly or entirely helpful.

1400+ Clients Served in 2022
17,500+ Hours of Care Provided in 2022
78% of Clients Reported The Ability To Manage Their Thoughts Related To Suicide

2022 Impact At A Glance

Our Innovation

Black Box Project

Black Box Project is redefining the way we understand suicide risk.

Since launching Black Box Project, a total of 56 families have entrusted us with a total of 106 devices. We extend our deepest gratitude to each of those families for their trust in us, and for their commitment to this life-saving project.

Black Box Project leverages artificial intelligence from these donated devices to help produce never-beforeknown
insights that inform risk-level assessment based on digital behaviors. This allows us to reimagine methods of outreach and care that will advance the field of suicide prevention as a whole.

In 2022, Black Box Project gained national headlines when they were featured on NBC Nightly News. In the piece, Sarah Smith discussed her decision to contribute to Black Box Project and her desire to, in her words, make sure her husband James’ death “wasn’t in vain.”

Awards We Received

Mission Daybreak was a $20 million grand challenge to reduce Veteran suicides. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs called on innovators to develop suicide prevention solutions that meet the diverse needs of Veterans.

In late 2022, Stop Soldier Suicide was named a first-place winner in the Mission Daybreak grand challenge by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

1,371 Mission Daybreak Submissions
30 Mission Daybreak Finalists
10 Mission Daybreak Winners
2 Mission Daybreak First-Place Winners
$3 Million Mission Daybreak award to advance Black Box Project

Impact on Our Clients

Through personalized care, our clients get the life-saving care they need. In 2022, we saw a 23% year-over-year increase in clients acquired.

In 2022, our clients experienced significant improvement in suicide-related risk factors:
49% decreased in psychological pain
49% decreased in stress
48% decreased in agitation
47% decreased in hopelessness
41% decreased in self-hate

Clients have consistent, 1-on-1 interactions with their Wellness Coordinator, enabling us to build trust and rapport while working to uncover the root causes of suicidality. This 1-on-1 support allows us to be tactical in our approach to addressing their suicidality. Each client's treatment plan is as unique as their individual circumstances.

Over 1,400+ clients received over 17,500+ hours of personalized care. This support is designed for the long term as we build systems that support them as they transition out of our care.

Looking to the Future

As we continue to redefine how suicide risk is understood and acted upon, others can use those insights to save lives, too.

We welcome and encourage others in the field to take this bold step with us. Whether it’s through delivery of care, fueling the mission financially, or lending impactful tools and skills to the fight, it’s going to take all of us to truly get upstream.

The faster we can all get there - with attributable, measurable, and actionable results - the fewer American veterans and service members we’ll need to pull out of the river of despair in the future.