Service members and veterans are at 50% higher risk of suicide than their peers who haven't served. There's no better indicator of the fight we're in right now.

Making it right takes action, not talk. That's what our last 18 months have been about.

SSS icon white 28 1,600+

Clients served since the start of 2019

SSS icon white 03 3.9/4

Average stress level indicated by clients on intake

SSS icon white 17 25%

Average reduction in suicide risk within a client's first 30 days

SSS icon white 16 24%

Average reduction in self hate within a client's first 30 days

From Chris Ford, Our CEO

Growth is the engine that drives an organization forward. Change is the spark that gets the engine revving.

That’s the story of Stop Soldier Suicide over the last 18 months: change-fueled growth.

In the last year-plus, we’ve professionalized our organization, investing in human capital, technology and innovation that drives our quest to provide world-class suicide intervention programs to service members and veterans.

In short, it’s been a dizzying and gratifying 18 months. To think of how far we’ve come as an organization is great, but to see the results we’ve driven is even better.

We’re not done, and we’re certainly not content. Far from it. We recently rolled out our promise for the next 10 years: to reduce the military suicide rate by 40% by 2030.

Notice that I said it’s a promise, not a hope. The upcoming year is huge for us as we validate our model, and begin to scale it to the level needed to make that promise a reality.

With deep gratitude,
Chris Ford
20-year veteran, United States Air Force


Moving as efficiently and aggressively as needed to save lives takes investment.

It takes commitment to investing in exceptionally talented professionals, groundbreaking methodology, cutting-edge technology and laser-focused marketing.

SSS icon blue 35 87%

Year-over-year increase in program expenditure

SSS icon red 34 $130K+

Investment in experts to refine service model

SSS icon blue 38 218%

Year-over-year increase in programmatic advertising & education investment

SSS icon red 29 $57K

Investment in new technologies and technology enhancements


Military suicide is an epidemic of shocking proportions. Time and money are not leading to results. Current systems don’t work.

Chief reasons for this national failure include:

  • Poor data that prevents agencies from identifying and prioritizing high-risk service members and veterans.
  • A lack of focus in trying to equally serve all 20-plus million service members and veterans, when less than 7,000 are dying by suicide each year.
  • Ineffective services that are singular or episodic with excessive delays and multiple barriers.

We’re applying private-sector strategies to differentiate ourselves from similar organizations by doing something about the problem, rather than just talking about it.

Client discovery methodologies and enhanced intelligence give us insight into precursor behaviors leading to military suicide.

Hyper-focused marketing campaigns influence high-risk prospective clients and funnel them to us for support.

Best-in-class suicide risk assessment, intervention and safety planning spur clients to become the driving force in their own safety and long-term wellbeing.

Positive change maintenance helps achieve growth through self-monitored safety management, heightened empowerment, enhanced support networks, and a greater sense of purpose.