The Battalion is a community of monthly donors who sponsor free, personalized care for struggling American veterans, tailored to each of their unique circumstances.

Many members of The Battalion are personally connected to the military and care deeply about solving the military suicide epidemic.

The Battalion is more than a monthly donation. We want you to feel the impact you’re making on at-risk veterans who, without your help, may not be here tomorrow.


Support The Mission

Your monthly gift shows veterans that, after everything they’ve done for us, we’re here to support them whenever they need us.


See Your Impact

As a member of The Battalion, you’ll receive monthly updates on how your gift empowers at-risk veterans across the country to get the help they deserve.

Save lives

Save Lives

Your support will help our clients rediscover purpose, hope, and life so that they can build a prosperous future.


a large, organized group of people pursuing a common aim or sharing a major undertaking

Get exclusive updates about Stop Soldier Suicide and the military community we serve.

As a Battalion member, you’ll see the impact you’re making through monthly email updates and access to an exclusive Facebook group to connect with other members who are also invested in saving the lives of our military members.

You might ask yourself...

What will my monthly gift support?

Your monthly gift will immediately provide veterans with the resources they need to stay alive, get the help they deserve and build a life for themselves using the techniques they learn in our care.

Why should I give monthly?

Monthly gifts ensure we can plan for additional resources so that we can consistently care for our current and future clients. By having the ability to plan ahead, we can save more lives faster by growing our Wellness Center team, training in ground-breaking new methodology, and investing in the technology needed to most effectively serve our clients.

Will my contribution really make a difference?

Every little bit makes a difference, no matter the amount. Whether you give $19/month or $190/month, The Battalion is a group effort to collectively save the lives of veterans who are fighting to stay alive.

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When you join The Battalion, you’re saving the lives of veterans who need your help, every month.