May Matching Monthly Confirmation

Your Support Makes All The Difference

Thank you for joining The Battalion with your monthly gift. It came at a perfect time because, with our $90,000 May Matching Challenge from Amazon, your first monthly gift will go twice as far to help at-risk veterans and service members.

It’s more important than ever that we provide the suicide-specific care that some of our military heroes need. And with your compassionate help, they can receive it. Your partnership will help us save more lives faster.

From all of us at Stop Soldier Suicide, thank you again!

P.S. Now through May 26, you can honor someone who gave their life in service to their country by uploading their photo and a brief story to our Send a Salute page. This page is our way of commemorating those who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom. We'll reveal the page with the tribute to all our honored heroes on Memorial Day.